Horizontal hot water boilers

Horizontal hot water boilers

«KAPAK» series

Output range: from 750 till 4000 kW.

KAPAK series front furnace with moving grates, hot water boiler and multicyclone.

KAPAK series device integrates a moving-sloping grate pre-furnace, three-way horizontal water boiler and multicyclone. This design ensures minimum size of the equipment, as well as speeds up the assembly work processes.
The combustion gas flow direction and water ensures efficient heat exchange, making full use of the resources.

The moving-sloping grate furnace with a water boiler and multicyclone in combination with fuel feed mechanism and automated ash discharge system is intended for burning loose biomass with a moisture content of 10-50%.


  • wood chip;
  • chippings;
  • wood pellets;
  • chunk peat;
  • milled peat;
  • peat pellets.


«S» series

Output range: from 100 till 4000 kW.

Horizontal industrial boilers with a volcanic furnace, are powered in combination with fuel feed mechanism / burning of wood chips with a moisture content of 35-55%.
KOMFORTS offers two types of the «S» series horizontal hot water boilers:


  • wood chip;
  • chippings.


«AK» series

Output range: from 100 till 1300 kW.

Industrial horizontal hot water boilers operable with firewood and coal.
Provided for water heating in the heating systems of private and dwelling houses and industrial premises with forced circulation.

Maximum water temperature 95 °C. Maximum working pressure 3 – 6 bars.
Hot water boilers are operable with all kind of solid fuel.
High strength of boilers elements.
Hot water boilers are made from steel, welded. Hot water boilers are insulated with stone wool and plated with coloured steel tin.
Safe and easy in maintenance. High exploitation parameters.
Content of smoke fumes meets the ecological requirements.


  • firewood;
  • coal.