Fuel supply conveyers

Fuel supply conveyers

Spiral conveyers:

  • Spiral conveyer is meant for the supply of various flowing fuel or ash removal.
  • Spiral conveyers are produced with various diameters and length.
  • Simple construction and easy maintenance.
  • Safe in operating.

Belt conveyers:

  • Belt conveyers are provided for flowing fuel delivery.
  • They have simple construction and can be operated in a reverse regime.


Scraper conveyers:

  • Scraper conveyers are provided for flowing fuel or ash delivery.
  • Ability to transport bulk fuel to bigger distances and not only in rectilinear regime.
  • Ability to remove wet ashes with water.

Fuel feeding device:

  • Fuel feeding with spiral type systems (up to 3.0 MW).

  • Fuel feeding with pusher systems (above 3.0 MW).

Fuel supply mechanisms are intended for delivery of loose fuel (wood chips, crushed bark) to the boiler furnace. Fuel is supplied by a thread conveyor. Tank of the mechanism is filled either by the conveyor or by other methods.