Moving grates front furnaces

Moving grates front furnaces

KOMFORTS produces moving grates front furnaces with output range from 500 kW till 12.5 MW (in single unit).

Moving grates front furnaces are provided for hot water boilers operating in heating systems.

Used fuel: wood chip, chippings, bark, chunk peat, milled peat and wood chip mixture, wood pellets, peat pellets.

Automatic block system controls and operates the burning process and furnace functioning.

Maximum fuel dimensions: 50 mm x 40 mm x 10 mm.

Moving grates front furnace equipped with fuel feeder, hydraulic, air supply ventilators, air pipes.

Front furnace brick wall from chamotte bricks.

KOMFORTS furnaces are designed to burn crushed biomass and biomass mixtures with moisture 10-60%.


  • wood chip, chippings, bark;
  • chunk peat, milled peat;
  • wood pellets, peat pellets.