In April 2017, a boiler plant with a capacity of 3 MW, operating on biomass was commissioned. This is the third joint project of AS KOMFORTS GROUP in cooperation with the energy company ADVEN Oy.


September 2017, biomass fired 3 MW capacity boiler plant official opening ceremony – Laagri, Estonia.

Goal: The main goal was to organize central heating in the city of Laagri, Estonia. The project was carried out on the principle of "turnkey" supply. In cooperation with the partners AS KOMFORTS GROUP carried out the design, manufacturing and supply of technological equipment, performed installation and star-up. The storage room includes three separate bunkers with moving floors and the possibility of autonomous fuel unloading from trucks, without the need for additional loading equipment. The total warehouse stock on the active zone is more than 300 m³. The fuel supply system is carried out with the help of chain scraper conveyors and process is fully automated. To implement the tasks and requirements for the efficiency, reliability and autonomy of the boiler house, AS KOMFORTS GROUP used the KAP moving grate furnace, where all grates, including moving ones and grate frame, are cooled with water. The scope of supply also included a vertical, hot-water boiler of the AK series, ash cleaning system (including large volume ash container – 15m³) and automatic cleaning system of smoke tubes and fumes, a water treatment system, water piping, ducts, self-supporting / insulated chimney, all internal communications of the boiler house, platforms / service stairs. Boiler plant is operated in auto mode and is connected with gas boiler plant nearby with the cascade operation system. Both boiler plants are controlled remotely from the company`s operation center, without any presence of the operators on site.

Power: 3MW / 110 C t 6 bar, hot water for district heating.

Fuel: shavings 100% / sod peat 100%, 30 - 55% moisture.

Project realization: 09.2016 – start-up 04.2017.

3MW biomass fired boiler plant – Laagri, Estonia.                                   Fuel warehouse – Laagri, Estonia.