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It is already the third decade that our company's guidelines focus on offering sustainable energy solutions to our customers, implementing projects (0,5-25 MW) where various types of biomass are processed into efficient and green energy.
We turn biomass into hot water, steam or hot air, offering individual solutions in different combinations.
Solutions for energy companies Our customers include international energy production concerns, as well as small local heat companies. We implement projects both in rural villages and residential districts of large cities.
Solutions for the industry Our customers represent enterprises from food, agricultural and other industrial sectors — these are companies choosing effective and sustainable solutions toreduce the production costs.
Solutions for the woodworking sector Since we often use wood waste as biomass in our projects, our clients include many large and small timber companies and pellet plants that intend to use residue-free production technologies.
We have customers and projects in 12 countries — regions such as the Scandinavian countries with more than 30 projects implemented, as well as the North-East Russia and the Arctic Circle regions are not exceptions, but rather the standard situations for our equipment. Complex fuel and conditions do not imply any deviations from the high-set standards concerning the flexibility and the emission quotas of the fuel used.

Our customers represent different industries, like:

  • Private and municipal heat companies ;
  • Woodworking companies — complying with the principle of residue-free technologies, wood residue is used for drying of wood or producing pellets;
  • Companies representing agricultural, food and other industrial sectors.

In close collaboration with customers and long-term partners, in each of our regions we work following this scheme:

  • Feasibility study;
  • Conception and preliminary engineering;
  • Project elaboration and detailed technical engineering;
  • Design;
  • Production;
  • Assembly;
  • Commissioning;
  • Guarantee and after-sales service.

Preceding process analysis followed by implementation in the long term ensures a wider range of - options and lower costs for the customer. Customer safety is our priority — our state-of-the-art technologies and partner network allow us - to be as close as possible at all times, remotely monitor - the quality and other indicators of the combustion process, as well as constantly ensure the best indicators for our customers.

Our work is not limited to implementation of new projects; we also analyse all the options for using the existing infrastructure. Reconstruction of present boiler plants and improvements in their operation to reach the maximum capacity and efficiency are often sufficient and no major investment is needed.


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