KOMFORTS designing department works with up-to-date software programmes. All the software applied for the design and engineering work, as well as for estimates of durability, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics and thermodynamics is developed on the CADD basis (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting). In its turn, the estimates are calculated with the FEM-method (Finite Element Method). The main benefit of the new modern programming options is time efficiency regarding the design works required for developing new equipment and boiler plants.

In cases where a customer wishes non-standard solutions, the company's designing department is always examining all the possible methods and ways to adjust and construct the facilities to suit the specific requirements.

When necessary, the designing department can quickly provide estimates for boiler plant equipment (NPV, IRR), and offer the most appropriate bioenergy equipment considering customer’s wishes.

KOMFORTS professionals can also help to improve the technical and economic parameters and optimise the existing boiler plant equipment.


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